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Our extensions

Are the extensions natural?

Our extensions are made up of 100% natural hair mainly from India.

They are not mixed with synthetic hair and is certified Remy Hair to guarantee you the highest level of quality.

Premium Quality at a low price.

All our extensions are exclusively composed of 100% human HAIR hair from India and Brazil. They are handmade with the highest level of requirement.

Our exclusive dye process allows our extensions to blend perfectly among the hair to give them a natural and light look.

How long can I carry my extensions?

The duration of use of extensions depends on the maintenance provided to them.

Hair being 100% natural, it does not require any particular attention but is likely to be damaged in the same way as your hair if you do not take care of it.

In order to preserve their lifespan, we advise you to preferably use suitable shampoos and care, specially designed for extensions, as well as a ceramic brush.

You will find the maintenance manual here: 

How to choose the color of extensions?

The colors presented on the site appear slightly darker than in reality.

We advise you to choose a shade clearer than your color in order to obtain the most natural result possible.

You can also buy our color chart available here:

It is made up of the 12 colors offered on our site. You will be able to compare your color to those of the color chart and make the right choice.

For information, be aware that the color chart is reimbursable if it has returned to us in new condition.

Can we color the extensions?

Extensions being composed of 100% natural hair, it can be colored under the same conditions as your own hair.

To obtain a darker color, simply choose a darker dye than extensions, and to obtain a lighter shade, prior discoloration will be necessary.

Nevertheless, do not forget that the wicks, colors, discolorations ... sensitize the hair and alter its quality, just as would be the case on your natural hair.

How are extensions?

You will find below our installation manuals:

 We also have explanatory videos on our YouTube channels: