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Chouchouter ses cheveux en automne

Pamper her hair in autumn

With the days that refresh itself it is essential to adapt your hair routine. So discover all our tips for taking care of your hair in the fall.

Make a food cure

Do you feel like you have hair loss at each start of the school year? Do not panic, this is a natural phenomenon linked to the decline in brightness. To restore a boost to your hair therefore perform a food supplements which will restore vitality and volume to your mane. Now is the time to offer you hair extensions to regain length and volume.


Pamper your scalp

In winter, the scalp is quickly suffocated under the cups. If you have oily hair, do a scalp scrub once a week with a suitable product. This will combat dandruff and promote hair growth. And if you have dry hair, do a head massage once a week with a few drops of sweet almond oil. You will thus stimulate circulation at the roots.


Revive your color

In autumn the light drops: the hair therefore seems easily dull. To remedy this go to your hairdresser to make a scan that will illuminate your hair. Perfect to start the start of the school year in style.



Nourish your lengths

After the sun and sea salt, it is now the cold turn to attack your hair. The opportunity to reserve a cocooning day (if possible once a week) to provide nourishing treatment to your hair.

Trick : Make a homemade mask by mixing an egg yolk, natural yogurt and two tablespoons of vegetable oil (olive, argan, sweet almond etc.). Leave on an hour, rinse abundantly and perform your usual shampoo.