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Découvrez les colorations les plus tendances !

Discover the most trendy colorings!

Who says new head for the start of the school year, also says new hair color! Discover the most popular colors of the moment.

The "Cold Brew Hair", the new trendy brown

With the days that shorten come the desire to take refuge by the fire with good milk coffee. It is from this unmissable drink that the "Cold Brew Hair" is inspired, a dark brown slightly lightened and warm at the peaks. Something to adorn yourself with fall shades without going through the redhead.

The "Root Shadow", the coloring that does not fear regrowth


One of the disadvantages of many colors is that you must regularly redo your roots. However, with the "Root Shadow" finished incessant passages at the hairdresser! Thus, this new trendy color plays on the contrast between the roots and the lengths to give depth and volume to the hair. Whether you opt for an extraordinary coloring like blue, pink or purple or simply for a pretty platinum blonde, the Root Shadow will allow you to stand out without changing your cut.

The "rose gold" or the color girly from the moment

After giving birth on the net, the "Rose Gold" arrives in the hairdressing salons. This consists of adorning your mane of pink and sweet tones, perfect for bringing a touch of sweetness and originality to your lengths. It will also correspond to all hair types, from blond to brown.


And if your new color does not correspond to your Hair extensions, do not panic: these can be shades without problem! You can even offer yourself temporary wicks using clip extension Slightly different from your original color.