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Vous coiffer avec un ruban

You style with a ribbon

Both chic and retro, the ribbon is the new hair trend to adopt. So discover all our tips for carrying it well.

Based on your bun

How to transform a classic bun into a sophisticated and feminine hairstyle? With a ribbon of course! Take it simply at the base of your bun and voila. The latter can even be used to hide any past pins: enough to kill two strokes with one stone.

Trick : This technique also works with horse tails or braids (then attach the ribbon around your elastic).

On macaroons

The macaroons will constitute a pop and retro hairstyle which will be sure not to go unnoticed. For an even more girly look hang on colorful ribbons, matching your outfit: enough to take for a cartoon heroine!


In a braid

Ribbons will be the ideal accessory to add a touch of originality to your braid. To do this, tie your hair into a low ponytail. Then tie a ribbon around the elastic then perform a three -strand braid, incorporating the ribbon into two of the strands. Finish everything using a discreet elastic and voila. If you have fine hair this technique will be more perfect to add a little volume to your hairstyle.

Trick : Do not hesitate to play on contrasts in order to enhance your accessory.

In a braided crown

Looking for a chic and romantic hairstyle? So separate your hair in half (by tracing a line in the middle) and perform two ribbon braids (with the technique described previously). Then lift the braids and hang them on your skull using pliers.



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