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Protéger vos extensions pendant vos vacances

Protect your extensions during your vacation

Do you want to display sublime hair at the beach but are afraid that your extensions will be damaged? Do not panic: follow our advice and everything will go for the best.

-Protege your extensions before going out

Whether you prefer to lounge on the beach or by the pool, one thing is certain: the sun is hitting hard. Before taking air therefore apply a nourishing oil ‘special extensions’ (without chemicals) in your lengths to protect them from heat and humidity. Also provide a hat to protect your head from UV, especially if you plan to sunbathe.


-Merfish water

Even if the prospect of a summer swimming is very tempting, be careful not to wet your hair too much. Chlorinated or salty water is a real scourge for extensions, which may wear out and tangle. So be careful not to immerse your head too much and do not forget to rinse it immediately with clear water when you go out. You can also take a soft shampoo and a mask with you to quickly restore the beauty of your mane, once your dip is finished.



-Soign your hairstyle

No need to make complex hairstyles that the first swim will ruin: a low ponytail or a slightly loose braid and you are ready! This type of protective hairstyle will be ideal to prevent your extensions from breaking or racing while offering you a very trendy look. Also remember to gently untangle your hair before it dry. To do this apply a tip of detangling to make your task easier: to shoot is to risk breakage.


And to shine on the beach while taking full advantage of your vacation, why not opt ​​for our clip extension or our Adhesive extension ? Indeed, these can be easily removed and discounts: perfect to offer you a superb mane while enjoying your summer activities.