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Chouchoutez vos extensions avec des produits naturels

Pamper your extensions with natural products

Tired of chemicals? So discover some natural treatments for top hair.

Coconut oil

Nothing like a mask of coconut oil to nourish and make dry hair shine. To apply it, heat three to five spoons of unrefined coconut oil in the microwave. Apply it like a mask on your lengths and your tips by gently massaging to make it penetrate. Leave on a few hours (or overnight covering your hair using a hat), rinse abundantly and perform your usual shampoo. Here you are with sweet, brilliant lengths that smell good!


White vinegar

Available in all kitchens, white vinegar will be perfect for easily get shiny hair and neutralize limestone residues. Mix two tablespoons to one liter of water that you will use to rinse your hair after your shampoo.


Rosemary essential oil

To clean up your scalp, pour three to four drops of rosemary essential oil into a bowl of water (never apply pure essential oil on the skin, at the risk of burning you). Apply your decoction at the roots by delicately dabbing with a cotton (don't worry if you feel tingling, this is normal). Leave for 45 minutes, rinse abundantly and make your shampoo.


Trick : You can also use white nettle or thyme essential oil.


Vegetable coloring

Less aggressive than a classic coloring, vegetable coloring will be perfect for adding subtle nuances to your hair extensions. Note that this will require more exposure time than a classic coloring (up to four hours) and that chemicals based on silicone will have to be banned so as not to damage your color.

Trick : Perform a clay mask before applying your coloring. This will purify the hair so that the color is better.