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Keep your extensions clean longer

Did you know that Spacer The shampoos helps preserve your hair and hair extensions? So here are all our tips for keeping a clean mane longer.


Go to a solid shampoo

Ecological and economical, natural natural shampoo generally contains products less harmful to hair than other chemical alternatives. Choose it adapted to your hair type (thin, dry, fat, colorful etc.) for maximum efficiency.


Make apple vinegar masks

A real miracle remedy for hair, apple vinegar will offer softness and shine to your mane. To use it, dilute a spoon of baking soda in 100 ml of water then add 100 ml of vinegar. Apply the mixture on your hair, leave for twenty minutes and rinse abundantly. With that, finished oily hair!


Do not apply care on the roots

And yes, a hair mask does not apply to the roots that it risks weighing down. To avoid the oily hair effect therefore put your care only on your lengths and your tips.


Use lemon essential oil

Detoxifying, antiseptic, invigorating or softening, lemon essential oil has many virtues. To take advantage of it, pour a few drops into your shampoos and care and then apply them normally.

Be careful never apply an essential oil not diluted on your skin or hair, you might burn yourself.


Remove your extensions before going to sleep

Some extensions, such as clip extensions where the Adhesive extensions are easy to put and remove at will. We therefore recommend that you remove them to sleep or when you are at home to extend their lifespan.