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Tuto coiffure : des chignons tendances et faciles à réaliser

Hairstyle tutorial: trendy and easy -to -make buns

The bun is a timeless hairstyle and ideal to make with extensions. Discover some variants.

The French braid bun

Particularly glamorous, this braided bun will be perfect for a romantic evening or a wedding. To make it, untangle your hair and then grab three wicks on the side of your head. Perform a plated braid by going down to the neck and adding hair each time to the wick that you hold in hand. Attach the braid with a discreet elastic, wrap it in a bun (by masking the tip inside) and fix everything using bun pins.

The braided bun bun

Tie your hair into a ponytail, leaving a wick a few centimeters wide. Braid the wick and tie it with a discreet elastic. Pass your ponytail in a bun foam that you will cover to form a bun. Finally wrap your braid around the base of your bun and fix everything with pins.


The twist bun

To make this easy and elegant bun, separate your hair into three vertical sections (one for each side of the head and one behind the neck) and crepe it with a comb. Then brush your hair back (go gently to keep volume) and tie everything in a low ponytail. Then grab a wick a few centimeters thick, tortile it on itself and then wrap it around the base of your ponytail. Attach it with a bun pin and then repeat the wick operation by wick. Add pins until your hairstyle is well fixed and then finish with a veil of lacquer. Here you are with a most original bun!


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