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Les secrets d'une coloration qui dure

The secrets of a coloring that lasts

Did you know that a few simple gestures make it possible to make your color last longer?


Respect the timing well

First of all, it is essential to respect the exposure time indicated on the product. Indeed, nothing worse than ending up with a bland color if you have been too impatient or worse, with damaged hair following too long exposure time. This advice is all the more valid for discoloring, which we advise you to make with a hairdressing professional.

Trick : Once your color is finished wait 48 hours before washing your hair: this will allow it to finish penetrating well.


Choose suitable products

To maintain your new mane, opt for a special colorful hair shampoo. There are also masks that allow you to make your color last while feeding them in depth.


Protect yourself from external aggressions

Like hair extensions, colored hair is particularly sensitive to external aggressions: sun, pollution, chlorine etc. So remember to cover them when the weather is nice (using a small trendy scarf for example) and rinse them well when leaving the pool.

Trick : Apply protective serum without rinsing to your lengths to give them a boost during the day.


Prefer cold showers

Hot water is more quickly disgorging the hair: so prefer lukewarm showers and finish with a jet of cold water to tighten your cuticles. Also remember to space shampoos: no need to wash your hair every day, one to two washes per week are more than enough.


And to offer you a beautiful tie and dyed effect without going through the coloring box, think of hair extensions. Just choose these with a shade slightly different from your natural color and enjoy your new dream mane.