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Quelques coiffures à effectuer quand il fait chaud

Some hairstyles to do when it's hot

Not easy to comb when temperatures are climbing! So discover some easy hairstyles to be radiant in all circumstances.

The ponytail scarf

Classic and elegant, the ponytail will be perfect for protecting your hair from heat and avoiding perspiration. For a particularly trendy hairstyle, make a high ponytail around which you will have a scarf. Perfect for adding a bohemian touch to your look!

The crown of braids

Bucolic and romantic, the crown of braids is the hairstyle of summer. To make it, separate your hair into two parts, drawing a line in the middle. Perform a braid stuck on each side and tie them with a discreet elastic. Then pass the braids one in the other, camouflaging the tips under your hairstyle. Attach everything with bars and a veil of lacquer.

And to help you, video demonstration:

The Wet Look

The Wet Look will be perfect for clearing the face while looking at a mermaid straight out of the water. To make this hairstyle, brush your still damp hair backwards then placing these against your skull using frost (letting lengths fall freely).

Trick : Mix your gel with a repairing serum to avoid irritating your hair.


The bun bun

Ideal for a trip to the beach, the bun bun will give off the neck and face while guaranteeing you a most trendy look. To make it, make a high ponytail that you will slide in a bun foam. Wrap your hair around it and fix everything with pins.


And to make all your dream hairstyles, think of our hair extensions. Easy to put and remove, clip extensions will be perfect in case of strong heat. So what are you waiting for?