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Nœuds dans les cheveux : comment les éviter ?

Hair knots: how to avoid it?

The knots are a real hair plague that anyone with long hair knows. Here are some tips to avoid them and keep superb extensions.

Prepare your hair before going to sleep

And yes, brushing your hair upon waking is not enough: it is also advisable to do it in the evening! In order to facilitate your morning routine, offer a brush to your mane before going to bed. This will get rid of your hair fibers from impurities, dust and traces of styling products that accumulate during the day and suffocate them. Also remember to attach your hair in a fairly loose braid or roll it up in a silk scarf: this will prevent friction against your pillowcase damage to them.


Take care of your drying

Down with the energetic drying at the towel, or beware of broken hair! After your shower, gently wring your hair and then dab it with a sponge towel. It will take you a few more minutes but will save you time during brushing.


Pamper your mane

Healthy hair is easier to style hair. So remember to apply a moisturizing mask on your lengths about once a week. In case of dry forks or tips you can also use nourishing serums or oils, perfect for giving a boost to tired hair.



Opt for the right detangling technique

Unlike popular belief, the hair does not brush from top to bottom but from bottom to top. To avoid damaging your lengths start to brush your tips (giving small blows down) then gradually go up to the roots. If you come across a particularly tenacious knot do not pull but deleted it gently using your fingers.


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