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Les produits capillaires incontournables pour chouchouter vos extensions

Essential hair products to pamper your extensions

To last as long as possible, beautiful extensions need to be well maintained. So discover some essential hair products to have in your bathroom.

A shampoo

Shampoo is one of the essential products of our bathrooms ... However, be careful not to choose it lightly. Indeed, an ill -suited shampoo can irritate and weaken the scalp, so be careful to select it according to your hair type (fine, dry, fat, colored etc.) also favor soft shampoos, neutral pH, less aggressive for your extensions.


A conditioner

The conditioner makes it possible to smooth the hair scales, for brilliant hair and easier to untangle. This will therefore allow you to make your extensions more easily style after the shower, thus avoiding breakage.

Trick : If you are in a hurry, also think of the detangling spray. Some vaporizations on the lengths and voila!


A nourishing mask

To perform once or twice a week, the moisturizing mask will be the ideal ally to nourish and treat your extensions. Apply it on damp hair and leave to put for a few hours, or even a whole night if possible: enough to offer you a cocooning moment, perfect for decompressing after a tough day.


Trick : Heat promotes the penetration of active ingredients within the hair fiber. Once your mask has been installed, so go a quick blow of a hair dryer to boost the effects.


A hair oil

Hair extensions are dry and fragile than natural hair: so they will particularly need to be pampered. A natural hair oil (coconut, jojoba, olive, argan etc.) will then be the ideal investment to feed your mane in depth, bringing it protection and shine. However, remember to find out about the virtues of each oil in order to find the one most suitable for your hair type.

And for Natural hair extensions easy to maintain, think of our clip extensions or our Easy Loop extension. To put and remove at home, these will allow you to display a dream mane for an evening or a few days, without any headache!