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Bien choisir vos extensions capillaires

Choose your hair extensions

When it comes to acquiring extensions, there is no shortage of choice. Here are some tracks to find the additions adapted to your needs.


How long do you want to wear them?

Capillary extensions can be found in many forms: it is therefore important to find those best suited to your desires. Thus, clip extensions will be ideal if you want to easily put and remove your extensions: practice for an evening hairstyle or for a romantic meeting for example. If you are looking for extensions that you can wear for several months it is rather advisable to opt for keratin extensions or rings extensions.


What method of installation?

Each type of extension also has its type of installation, to which you will have to think before you start. Thus, clip extensions or adhesive extensions are particularly easy to use and can be installed in all ease in you. Cold extensions can also be applied by yourself but will require a little more patience: so do not hesitate to get help by a friend. Finally, weaving will be perfect for frizzy hair but will have to be posed by a person with experience with extensions or by a professional.



Which length ?

There are different extensions. To find that best suited to your desires we advise you to measure your desired length with a meter, starting from the top of your ear and going down to the place where your extensions must fall.

Trick : If your extensions are too long do not panic, you can always cut them yourself with hairdressing scissors.


What color ?

Extensions are available in many shades: you should therefore easily find that correspond to your hair. If necessary, also note that extensions can be shaded. You can also opt for a different color from yours for a mechy or tie and dye effect. Everything is possible !


For more information, come and discover our wide range ofHair extensions ! That you were looking for Natural clip extension, of the Keratine extension or even cold extension, We have what you need !