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2022, tendances mode avec les extensions

2022, fashion trends with extensions

You want to test the extensions but do not know which cut? Do you think there are not so many possibilities? Think again ! With extensions, the possibilities are endless. 

The weaves allow you to make undulations, twists or even buns. We will present to you here the classic undulations and the vintage undulations, before bringing you to the African twists, then the very classic bun. 

The ripples

You have textured hair, that is to say curly, curly or frizzy, and you want to find an ideal hairstyle for wavy extensions. Opt for our long extensions and wear them natural, like Nicole Kidman.

Or prefer extremely controlled undulations, such as those  That Julia Roberts wore in the 1990s. To make them, take a straightener and turn your extensions around one to two seconds, without tightening them too much.

This will be enough to give them an extremely attractive "wavy" effect. 

Vintage ripples

By continuing to speak of undulations, do you know the vintage undulations? These typical undulations from the 1930s to 50s, those of black and white films. Those of Marylin Monroe or Katherine Heigl. 

To realize them, it starts almost as for conventional undulations. 

You take your wick extensions by wick and turn them around your straightener, but much tighter than for conventional undulations. You then take a styling gel that you rub in your hands and then coat your wicks.

You put a few small strokes comb To place them well and then fix two bars on each side of your head. The first two above your ears, the two seconds a little lower than your lobes. 

To finish the hairstyle, you will roll the bottom of your braids until you reach the top of your neck and keep everything with discreetly placed bars inside the roller. 

Twisted wicks 

Fall for the twisted style, that of actress and singer Brandy, with thick twists, in a purely Senegalese style, also called "Jumbo Twist" or for that of Tessa Thompson, more classic. 

To make beautiful twists, nothing could be simpler. Take two wicks and turn them one after the other. Finally, with extensions, you attach them and dip the ends in boiling water. This is also called vanilla. 

The bun

The important thing in hairstyles with extensions is that we do not see the weaving. The bun is no exception to the rule.

To make your bun successful with extensions, you need to make a layer of hair covers your extensions. So, when you go up your hair to make the knot, your extensions will remain hidden. 

Then make a high knot starting with a ponytail Classic hold by a transparent strip, then make a bun that you will fix with bars or pins.